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Design Trend: Rainbow Motifs

Rainbow motifs: they’re not just for kids! A recent wave of multicolored decor is gaining power, appearing in new collections, on DIY blogs, and throughout the offerings of the trendiest brands. Whether this radiance takes the form of an actual rainbow or splatters a range of colors across decor such as vases and planters, the result is pure joy. And who can say “no” to that! Grab a pair of sunglasses (it’s going to be bright!) and join us as we explore this colorful design trend.

Vibrant and Vivid

Let’s begin by celebrating the vibrancy of rainbow stripes. Who ordered the rainbow disco ball?! While it may require some time and patience to create this masterpiece (yes, it’s a DIY project), nothing beats the mirrored result! For details, visit .

Looking for decor so radiant that it glows?! A Beautiful Mess has created  (shown above the record player in the photo below), and we’re loving the dreamy cloud background!

This eye-catching  from Urban Outfitters could cheer you up on the grayest of days. Rainbow style meets a retro-modern feel:

Speaking of cheery, there’s nothing that puts a smile on your face like going for a swing. Even better if the swing is a rainbow hammock! You can find this Yellow Leaf Hammocks Rainbow Hammock Chair at . Did we mention that it’s hand-woven by Thai artisans, as well as UV-, weather- and water-resistant?!

On a DIY note, if you’re into paper crafts and you love vivid colors, check out Craft the Rainbow, the new book by Brittany Watson Jepsen of . Learn more (and see launch party details) .

Rainbow Iridescence

Another arena where rainbow hues emerge is iridescent decor. Like a slick glimpse of multicolored goodness, iridescence provides hints of rainbow colors at every turn. For starters, Urban Outfitters’ is as uplifting as a pineapple on a summer day:

Bring some rainbow iridescence to your stemware with Clarity Iridescent Wine Glasses from . A touch of rainbow shine will add another dimension to your table setting or your next cocktail party.

Also from CB2, this  is fabulous on all counts! A true centerpiece that showcases a range of subtle iridescent tones:

And finally, the rainbow iridescent item that’s better than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow…. It’s the from Urban Outfitters! This other-worldly find also doubles as a full-length or vanity mirror.

Kids’ Rooms

Nothing beats rainbow motifs in a child’s room. Kids + rainbows are simply a natural fit! Love the look of this DIY Rainbow Latch Hook Wall Hanging?! will walk you through the whole process. The finished product has the power to be the focal point of your nursery, don’t you think?!:

If you follow nursery design trends, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a rainbow stacker. Not only is this item colorful in terms of decor, it’s a functional toy that will capture your little one’s attention when he or she is ready to start stacking. This selection from Etsy shop is a bestseller:

You can purchase in the Studio DIY Shop. Crafted by The Great Lakes Goods, this vivid wall decoration is absolutely perfect for kids’ rooms, as well as the rooms of grown-ups who love a sunny reminder of life’s colorful joys.

For older kids, 3M’s in a rainbow design add the perfect dash of whimsy. Available at Typo.

Rainbow hues meet a dash of brilliance with Typo’s . Light shines through star cutouts that add a dreamy touch. Sweet dreams and colorful days are ahead!

Rainbow…with a Twist

We end by showcasing some not-so-typical rainbow decor items that prove there are many facets to today’s featured trend. For starters, this Pop Art White Wall Mirror by Fred Segal for  doesn’t boast all the colors of the rainbow…but its form is definitely all beams and brilliance!

If you love multicolored decor and want something a bit more subtle than a rainbow, let the world of woven bins, baskets and rugs pique your interest. A case in point: from CB2.

Don’t forget the power of collections! Incorporate a rainbow of colors, and you have a multifaceted centerpiece for your home. The rainbow glass collection of blogger Elsie Larson is unforgettable. Learn and see more by checking out her .

And that’s where we’ll end. Because how can you beat a rainbow glass collection of this scale?! Hope your day is a colorful one. Thanks for reading!

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