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Design Tips for Rooms with Grey Walls

Gone are the days when grey was nothing more than a neutral that faded into the background. Today’s grey is a key player in showcasing top trends such as metallic decor, warm wooden tones and houseplants. A new wave of beautifully photographed interiors celebrates grey in all of its glory. Not to mention, top brands are consistently using grey as a backdrop for product photography, as it adds richness and depth while bringing out the subtleties of the decor at hand. Let’s take a look at grey in action as we learn a few tips for designing rooms with grey walls

Grey Meets Metallics

The silvery undertones of grey make it a natural fit for combining with metallics. Silver, brass, copper, rose gold and other metallic finishes pop against a backdrop of grey walls. In fact, there’s something luxe and saturated about the look that you just can’t achieve with white walls. Try a dramatic metallic pendant light or chandelier in your grey-walled room. Both warm greys and cool greys work wonders in the realm of wall paint.

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Brass chandelier by Restoration Hardware
Brass chandelier by

Icy light grey can be equally alluring, especially when offsetting statement pieces (such as shelving and furniture) in darker shades:

Metallic accents against a light grey wall via CB2
Metallic accents against a light grey wall via

Copper and brass both shine against grey walls. Don’t hesitate to layer shades of grey in your room of choice. For example, when grey walls meet grey draperies, a sophisticated look results. Check out the metals, materials and styling that follow:

Copper-legged table by CB2
Copper-legged table by
Metallic details in a room by Restoration Hardware
Metallic details in a room by
Metallic details in a bedroom with grey walls
Metallic details in a bedroom with grey walls via

Grey Meets Warm Tones

Just as grey and warm metallic tones make a big impact, grey provides a beautiful contrast to the warmth of leather and wood. Rugs and textiles in warm tones also stand out against grey walls, as shown below:

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Warm tones in a grey room by CB2
Warm tones in a grey room by

Whether the wood is light, golden, or dark and deep, grey can provide a lovely base for your display of furnishings and decor:

Wooden geo candleholders from ferm LIVING
Wooden geo candleholders from
Golden tones in a grey room by CB2
Golden tones in a grey room by

Grey Meets a Fall Palette

This season’s trending fall palette of wine, teal, peach and berry tones is a perfect fit for grey walls. Not to mention, the rich ochre shown in the assortment of  tabletops below also works well with grey. In other words, grey walls complement fall in all of its warm- and cool-toned beauty! Scroll down to view the magic of grey as it enhances fall’s latest colors. Scandinavian modern style is alive and well in the products and styling below:

Tabletops in fall colors from ferm LIVING
Tabletops in fall colors from
New fall cushions from ferm LIVING
New fall cushions from
Grey walls offset modern stools from ferm LIVING
Grey walls offset modern stools from

Grey Meets Crystal and Stone

Since many of our favorite decor finds showcase the beauty of materials such as marble and glass, it’s no wonder we’re drawn to grey as a backdrop. After all, grey walls can be dressed up with decor featuring crystal and stone. From lighting to kitchenware and objets d’art, grey is a perfect fit for interesting modern finds that channel nature’s beauty. Bring on the rocks and minerals! And in many cases, the sleek cut marble.

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Elegant chandelier by Restoration Hardware
Elegant chandelier by
Marble vessel from Apparatus
Marble vessel from
Marble serving board from Anthropologie
Marble serving board from

Grey Meets Decorative Vignettes

We end today’s post by taking a look at grey in action. The interiors and vignettes that follow show the beauty of this season’s most popular neutral. Don’t be afraid to layer the hue for a grey-on-grey effect. Below we see festive flecked wallpaper, combined with grey seating and stoneware:

Stylish vignette from ferm LIVING
Stylish vignette from

Don’t be afraid to explore the various shades of grey paint, including grey-teal varieties, as shown on the wall below. One of our favorite vignettes of the season, this collection from CB2 comes to life with the help of rich-hued decor and metallics:

Shelving and grey-green walls designed by CB2
Shelving and grey-green walls designed by

Houseplants + grey walls = modern sophistication. The green of the foliage is a perfect complement to the richness of the walls, as shown in this next space featured at :

Styling for grey walls via Camille Styles
Styling for grey walls via

Last but not least, grey is an ideal backdrop for kitchenware and serving pieces. No wonder so many people are choosing to paint their culinary spaces and dining rooms grey!

Kitchenware from ferm LIVING
Kitchenware from

We hope today’s post has provided plenty of design inspiration. As the grey, chilly days of fall set in, revel in the romance of this season’s hottest neutral hue!

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