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8 DIY Backsplash Ideas to Refresh Your Kitchen on a Budget

Installing or updating a backsplash is an effective way to give your kitchen a makeover, but it can seem like an intimidating task for anyone who has never done it before. Hiring a professional is one (pricier) way to go about it, but if you’re hoping to cut costs, why not go the DIY route? Putting in a little elbow grease will allow you to refresh your kitchen on a budget, and there are lots of cool ways to go about it using inexpensive and recycled materials for a one-of-a-kind look.

Timeless Tiled Look

Having to use thinset (otherwise known as mess-making gloppy goop) to apply tile is one of the reasons many of us find installing a backsplash so daunting, but did you know there is a much tidier alternative? Rachel of used a Simple Mat setting mat to get her tiles on the wall with no thinset needed. Check out the full tutorial .

Subway tile remains one of the most timeless and popular of all kitchen tile options, but it can be tricky to apply yourself. For a much easier shortcut, follow Nikki of ‘s faux painted backsplash tutorial and get a surprisingly similar look without all of the labor.

Colorful Creativity!

To create a playful backsplash with a pop of color, reach into your child’s toybox for some inspiration. This whimsical kitchen was updated using hundreds of LEGO building blocks.

If you need an excuse to host a huge party, just tell your friends you’re collecting . The colorful caps act as little mosaic tiles, and you can display your favorite beer brands.

For a trendy vibe that looks like it came right out of a home furnishings catalog, how about a like this one seen at A Storied Style? The finish is easy to apply, and as an added bonus, can be changed up whenever you wish – just erase and redraw the details!

Touch of Textural Beauty

And if you prefer wine over beer, how about using your corks to create a one-of-a-kind ? You’ll have to drink quite a bit though, as this unique wall effect was achieved using a whopping 800 corks!

Peel and stick planks aren’t just for your floors. Clever DIYer Jessica from used the adhesive-backed faux flooring to create a this . Can you tell that the look was achieved using inexpensive adhesive floorboards?

Or for a more rustic feel, check out this made from affordable river stones purchased at a gardening supply store. The irregular shapes of the rocks form a soothing, organic facade. [Photo: ]

Now that you’ve mastered these DIY backsplash techniques, how about applying them in a bathroom or other room of your home?

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