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Living the American Dream with a White Picket Fence!

When you picture your dream home, does it have a white picket fence? It has become somewhat of an American dream – a little suburban house with a white fence that gives the outdoors a charming look and clearly says home. Such a fence is perfect for traditionally built houses and newer, more modern houses as well. Check out this roundup of homes with a white picket fence for inspiration!

Classy and Traditional

The white picket fence immediately pops into our head when we think of “classy domestic lifestyle.” It’s such a traditional feature that represents the good family life, either in the suburbs or the countryside.

The bright color of the fence marvelously accompanies the pastel tone of the house’s exterior and its white trim. It’s obvious is harmonious and stunning!

overtakes the space, appearing almost as majestic as the trees surrounding it. The white picket fence gives it a friendlier feeling and creates a subtle barrier between the passersby and property itself.

can allow those who pass your house to have a little peek into your garden, but thanks to its pointed look it remains a boundary that protects your space!

A large house can give the impression that it’s looming over the low picket fence, making it appear even smaller than it is. Color-coordinated with a fence on the porch, contrasts the house with its short height!

A tall white house built in a Victorian style looks like it escaped out of a dream! The whole setting is absolutely magical and greatly perfected by the white picket fence that carries a bit of a itself!

A white picket fence is a timeless feature. Even when it loses its initial glistening white look, it will still feel just as charming as ever, giving the home’s outdoors !

For a classic , a white fence is almost a necessity! It has a gorgeous design that isn’t very pointed and looks super classy!

Any home’s outdoors can benefit from contrasts and in the example of , the white picket fence and the house’s white exterior really bring out the surrounding greenery to life!

For a house that already looks magical, a white picket fence is just a cherry on top. A soft pink color of the house is for a white fence!

A white picket fence creates , surrounding a house and allowing the space within to be a mix of different colors, all connected by the beautiful fence.

Elegant and Welcoming

There is something so familiar about a white picket fence that it immediately draws us in. It is compelling to look at, urging us to get closer to it and the breathtaking garden that’s lying behind it. We can stare at the fence in fascination, wondering if the interior of the house does the marvelous exterior justice!

A home with a and patriotic appeal is ideal for a white picket fence! It’s the classic model for an American dream – a simple suburban family lifestyle!

Red brick houses are so captivating! They have a raw look that radiates a strong character which makes them very noticeable. Soften their look with !

It’s amazing how important a fence can be. gives the house a domestic feeling because there is something so familiar about its design. It has an inviting appeal!

This beautiful , painted on a lovely shade of pastel blue, is picture perfect! It’s absolutely dreamy, calling you in, its beauty enhanced by the pretty little white fence!

Your can have a really strong decorative component, especially if you combine it with stunning rosy flowers. Your front yard will have a super elegant look!

A house with a significant retro style is made even classier by , channeling a look that loudly screams home sweet home!

A fence with wider picket planks has and works great with a trendy, dazzling house, making every day seem like the peak of summertime!

A picket fence is very versatile. It’s an amazing addition to a rural, countryside home that is surrounded by nature and needs to !

The entrance onto your property has a lot of value. It can be cute and subtle, or it can be majestic and grandiose. Pair a big entryway with to create an unforgettable exterior that embodies glamour and elegance.

Even when the picket fence is not in the center of attention it’s hard to imagine the yard without it. The focal point is undoubtedly the house and the fence may be , but just catching a glimpse of it can be felt upon the ambiance of the whole home!

The Ultimate Dream

Maybe it’s the traditional design or the bright white color, but these fences are definitely held in high regards by many people! Their simplicity is captivating and it’s no wonder many homeowners see them as the ultimate dream!

A home with will wonderfully contrast the white fence, contributing to a balanced setting that is but a monochrome backdrop for the greens growing in the yard.

The color white’s biggest blessing is the fact that it makes all the other colors stand out. If you really want of your house to be seen from miles away, a white picket fence is a sure-fire way to do so!

Since picket fences draw much attention to themselves with their , they also draw much attention to your front yard. Make the best of it by creating a blooming yard!

with a calming gray interior is made magical by a really low white picket fence. The functionality of the fence is not a priority in this case – it’s all about the strong decorative value!

Picket fences have been around for decades, growing in popularity with each year. Seeing an with such a fence shouldn’t be a surprise but we’re still stunned about how much fresher a setting looks like, all because of a white fence!

A house and a fence can blend together so well they seem to become one entity. The exterior feels synchronized in the most wonderful way, capturing .

is a total eye candy! Everybody gushes as they pass it and it would seem unfair to completely block it from the onlookers. A white picket fence is a great way to set up a barrier without blocking the view.

Sure, a white picket fence can be a symbol of classiness and quiet domestic life. But it can also be a part of luxury, wealth and prestige. A grand house in the color of peach with is set within the safety of a chic white picket fence!

with a brick exterior feels harsh and cold, so a white picket fence is a very simple solution. It instantly makes the setting kind and likable!

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