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A Nautical Bathroom Theme: 3 Ways

If you’re planning a bathroom update and you’re hoping to create a beachy vibe, there are many fun motifs to explore. Can you feel the ocean breeze yet?! From seashells to stripes, the decor can inspire a coastal daydream or two. However, if you have a more modern style and you’re not looking to put an anchor or a wooden ship wheel on the wall, you may have to get a little bit creative with your design. Instead of saturating the space with souvenirs from the coast, take a clean-lined approach and use a few carefully selected nautical pieces as fun exclamation points. Keep reading for three different modern takes on nautical bathroom style… [image via ]

Old Hollywood Glam

The inspiration for this powder room came from the ’40s and ’50s “aqua-musicals” of MGM star Esther Williams. This Million Dollar Mermaid exuded elegance, strength and style:

The sets of these Old Hollywood musicals were full of glamour. Giant shells and other oceanic touches definitely weren’t out of place! To get the look, utilize the power of cabana stripes, tropical greenery and seashell motifs, with a touch of pearly elegance:


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Also Consider…

If you’re wanting an extra dose of fun, check out , as well as the  pictured below. Wouldn’t they be the perfect way to frame a closet that opens inside your Old Hollywood powder room?! An entrance fit for Esther Williams:

Crisp and Modern

Next up: a crisp and modern powder room with earthy accents. From driftwood to ocean waves, coastal landscape is often filled with beautiful details. Channel the natural elements of the beach by incorporating woven towels, wooden accents, and plenty of clean, fresh pops of blue and white.

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Today’s final featured look is perfect for kids’ bathrooms, thanks to bright and breezy motifs, as well as a scattering of fun elements. The goal is to create a vibrant, clean backdrop for all of the “kid items” (stepstools, bath toys, etc.) you can’t escape when it comes to a child’s powder room. There are many different options for artwork here (especially when you browse sites such as ), so enjoy picking out a couple of pieces that will give the space as much personality as your little ones bring to the table! Well, almost as much.

To get the look, incorporate interesting elements such as a woven hamper and a tasseled shower curtain. Stripes create a nautical vibe, while bright pops of aqua and a child-friendly plant or two tie it all together.

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Also Consider…

Keep in mind that you can vary the decor as you see fit! For example, you can apply a different color scheme to the overall look featured above. Even the tasseled shower curtain is available in two other color schemes, including the pink variety shown below:

Now who’s ready to redecorate? Mix and match items from all three featured montages to get the beachy powder room of your dreams. This clean, fresh take on bathroom style has us looking forward to summer!

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